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Madness Pixelation

2010-09-22 21:34:15 by EdpR

Happy madness day everybody, I made a small animation for today, yay, my first Madness submition ever, anyway I hope you like it, I didn't have a lot of time to animate and make it larger and awesomer, lol, but I did my best and I just finished it like 10 min ago, life is keeping me busy :)
It's now on the portal so go, check it out and vote 5 ;)

In other news, I didn't make it to the calendar ):, it was fun anyway, I'm gonna try next year Ijust gotta wait 360 days more or so,...

Madness Pixelation

After been inactive for all these years, well actually just one year, I'm back with some pixel love for all of you, and well as you've seen these couple of weeks my Beatles sprites ( the Lennon one specially, I honestly didn't think it would become that popular, it's awesome, thanks people) and the calendar entry (which also got frontpage, oh so happy :), I hope it gets in).

In other news, I'm also working on a pixel game right now (à la 8-bit), it's pretty awesome it gives you that retro feeling I love, It involves space, aliens, and 8 bit pixels ;) but unfortunately we got stuck right now 'cuz Wurmy (the awesome programmer that is coding the game) has been busy, I don't know how long it will take, but I hope we get it done before the year is over...

Anyway getting back to the calendar entry, I'm getting a lot of negative feedback against Mickey and the turtle from Toss the Turtle, and I wonder why? I mean, I think they managed to get in the newgrounds... hummm, family? Hall Of Fame? , they became really popular and they are pretty awesome in my opinion. I know they're not as old and/or iconic as Salad fingers, or Pico, but common... tell me what you think about this...

Pixels, Game, Calendar, Mickey and turtle hate...

Random Sprite Stuff

2009-09-06 23:44:53 by EdpR



...but I want to get rid of my old post.

Well first of all
I got frontpage, I'm really glad, totally unexpected,
thanks Newgrounds, thanks Tom...

I just don't know what to do now, I'm out of ideas,
so I'm probably taking a few days off, I need some fresh air you know...

Tomorrow I'm gonna watch the "Watchmen" (no pun intended),
I'm just too damn excited, it's gonna be awesome!

Resident Evil 5 is out the next week, can't wait, I need it now...

Awesome band, awesome music:
Squarehead - Hello Seahorse

/* */
That's all,
See ya!

OMFG!!! a Resident Evil Parody!!!

2008-03-26 21:26:40 by EdpR

OMG, this is like my first "News Post"

I'm making a Resident Evil Parody, because i love this game, called Resident Idiot. It's like an Egoraptor movie combined with my style, sense of humor...

WARNING! Don't expect this to be an AWESOME movie, because I'm not Egoraptor...

it was supposed to be done already, but i'm lazy, a very lazy animator and i had some minor problems.
You see,
I've restarted this project like 3 times, because
Well, I started on march in 2007
at first graphics were ok, but i wasn't comfortable with them and the humor (humor was poor at first),etc but now (2008) i've improved a lot since then (because i've grown :P)

Old Resident Evil Teaser

Oh yeah, and i need some VA so if you are interested just let me know.
It will be out soon, as soon as i get some VA...
i hope you enjoy this movie as much as i did.

PS. Sorry for any grammar mistake, english isn't my first language.

OMFG!!! a Resident Evil Parody!!!